classic MÖBIUS – Hand Made by Eduardo Umaña

classic MÖBIUS – Hand Made by Eduardo Umaña


Inspired by the möbius strip, the classic MÖBIUS is a large table lamp that can be switched on and off with a short, sustained whistle. The classic MÖBIUS also features a control for manual switching of the light and whistle sensitivity adjustment. Each classic MÖBIUS is hand made in San Francisco, CA. 

The two interlocked möbius strips are constructed using Solid Surface material, specifically DuPont Corian®, a dense and heavy ceramic-like material built to stand the test of time. The electronics sit in a cork barrel for background noise dampening and in between two highly polished crystal plates which allow the printed circuit board to be visible to the user. The lamp uses LED technology with lifetime of 40,000 hours of continuous lighting. 

Limited Quantities Available. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Object has Utility Patents that are Pending.


"It works flawlessly even from all the way across the room" - WIRED Magazine



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In Detail

  • Dimensions: 27" x 16" x 13"
  • DuPont Corian®, Aluminum, Polished Crystal, and Cork exterior
  • 4100 Kelvin – 2500 Lumen
  • 24 Volt – 27 Watt
  • Whistle Frequencies: 1000Hz to 5000Hz
  • Whistle recognition reach of up to 50ft depending on environment 
  • MEMS Microphone Technology, no degradation over time as compared to analog microphones
  • We support each of our creations through their lifetime and guarantee their proper functioning 
  • Questions? Contact us here

Figure 1. The möbius strip, inspiration of classic MÖBIUS



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