Photo Credit: Arturo Oliva Pedroza


A Creative Venture 

Through engineering and art we seek to create beautiful objects that will add a bit of magic and excitement to your everyday. @classicengin

Classic Engineering is an exploration of the human spirit – we create for the soul. The name of the venture reflects who we are: engineers and artists. "Classic" is the timelessness and form while "Engineering" is the technology and function in our creations. We intertwine both disciplines to materialize our vision and arrive at something truly captivating. We craft with purpose objects that are able to add value to our lives. Everything we make is built to last. This minimizes the resources we demand from our planet and creates meaning in objects that we can grow to love.

About Eduardo Umaña

Eduardo Umaña is the founder of Classic Engineering. He grew up in Bogotá, Colombia before moving to Miami, FL around age 15. He holds a B.S in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering from Swarthmore College near Philadelphia, PA. Eduardo likes staying active and questioning things to satiety. You can follow him @eumana11