Introducing classic MÖBIUS

What if we could control an object at a distance by just using our own body?
To switch on classic MÖBIUS, a short whistle will suffice.
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Figure 1. The Control Tower: Machined Crystal and Aluminum

In between two pieces of polished crystal lives a Cortex-M4 microprocessor – heart and soul – of classic MÖBIUS. The processor uses an advanced MEMS sensor and algorithms to implement the whistling functionality. The length of the triggering whistle is adjustable via the aluminum rotating knob. With the same control you can manually switch classic MÖBIUS on and off for when it is more convenient.

Figure 2. Fun from afar

A demonstration of the magical switching of a light.

classic mobius back.png

Equation 1. The Fourier Transform

Discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1822, the Fourier Transform is continually evaluated up to 100 times a second by classic MÖBIUS as part of its whistle detection algorithm.


Handmade in San Francisco, CA

classic mobius back

Thermoformed Solid Surface, Cork, Aluminum, and Polished Crystal